NYPD increases Passover security

Following terror attacks in Europe and concerns over attacks in the US, NYPD announce preparations to protect haredim in Brooklyn.

Haim Lev, Shoshana Miskin ,

Brooklyn (Archive)
Brooklyn (Archive)
Photo: Eliran Baruch

In wake of the recent terror attack in Brussels, and due to concerns over similar attacks occurring in the United States, the New York Police department prepare to protect Jews and synagogues during the upcoming Passover holiday.

Following a gathering of religious leaders and representatives of Brooklyn’s Shomrim Patrol, the NYPD and US security officials assured the Jewish community that it will be able to handle any potential threat.

In previous years, the NYPD heightened security only during the eight-day holiday. However, the department has now decided to beef up security throughout the entire month leading up to the holiday.

Captain Kenneth Quick, Commanding Officer of the 66th Precinct that encompasses the largest Jewish neighborhood in New York City, explained that police were collecting accurate data regarding the times of prayer and gatherings in the synagogues and yeshivas throughout New York.