Watch: Major naval op. prepares for ISIS attacks

With one eye on Egypt's restive Sinai Peninsula, Israeli Navy completes massive Red Sea simulation; plans to build Red Sea border fence.

Kobi Finkler ,

Israeli Navy Red Sea exercise
Israeli Navy Red Sea exercise
IDF Spokespersons Division

The Israeli Navy completed a major exercise in the Sea Red early Wednesday morning, a simulation which is usually undertaken once or twice a year.

The 24-hour exercise included every naval combat soldier currently in service, according to the commander of the exercise, underscoring the massive scale of the operation.

Among other scenarios, the exercise involved real-life simulations including the hijacking of civilian vessels by terrorists, terrorist infiltrations into Israel via the sea, attacks on naval vessels and more.

In particular, the Israeli navy's focus in the Red Sea is the rising threat from the Islamic State terror group (ISIS) in Egypt's Sinai Peninsula, which security experts fear intends to launch attacks against Israel.

A navy spokesman said that Israel's close cooperation with Egypt and Jordan is crucial and ongoing, and that the two neighboring states were alerted to the major exercise beforehand.

As part of Israel's efforts to secure its borders, the Israeli navy plans to implement a border fence along both the Israeli-Jordanian land border, as well as a barrier in the Red Sea to protect Israel's territorial waters.