PA school launches basketball 'terror tournament'

Palestinian Authority high school launches basketball competition in honor of mass-murderer.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Poster of Dalal Mughrabi in Ramallah demonstration
Poster of Dalal Mughrabi in Ramallah demonstration
Issam Rimawi / Flash 90

School sports competitions have long been used to promote physical fitness among students, teach them sportsmanship, comradery, and leadership.

In the Palestinian Authority, however, they’ve also become an opportunity for terrorist indoctrination.

The “Dalal Mughrabi Cup”, a basketball tournament, was held last week at the Al-Awael girls’ high school in Ramallah, the Palestinian Media Watch reported.

The tournament, which was organized by the Education Ministry’s local Directorate of Education in cooperation with the Al-Razi Cultural and Social Association, was named in honor of Dalal Mughrabi, a Lebanese-born Fatah terrorist who helped carry out one of the most deadly terror attacks in Israeli history.

The 1978 Coastal Road massacre, which left nearly 40 Jews dead and dozens more wounded, was recently celebrated by the Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah party at a ceremony marking the 38th anniversary.

Mughrabi has long been venerated as a terrorist icon within the Palestinian Authority, and last week’s basketball tournament is only the most recent public event dedicated to her legacy. More than a year ago, Fatah held a sports tournament in honor of Mughrabi and Raed Al-Karmi, another terrorist involved in attacks on Israelis.