Capitol Hill shooting was 'isolated criminal act'

Capitol Police Chief says shooting incident at Capitol Hill was not terror-related but rather criminal.

Ben Ariel ,

Capitol Hill
Capitol Hill

The shooting incident Monday at Capitol Hill is believed to be an isolated criminal act, U.S. Capitol Police Chief Matthew Verderosa said.

The incident took place when a man drew what appeared to be a weapon and pointed it at officers during security screening at the Capitol Visitor Center, Verderosa said, according to The Wall Street Journal.

The man, who was shot by cops, was taken into custody and transported to an area hospital where he was undergoing surgery for his injuries. A bystander suffered minor injuries and no police officers were injured, added Verderosa, who did not know details about the man’s condition.

Police didn’t release the name of the suspect, but law-enforcement officials said he was a person who had previously disrupted Congress.

Verderosa said investigators believe the incident was an isolated criminal act and noted officials have not yet determined how many officers may have fired weapons at the man. A weapon was recovered from the scene. It wasn’t immediately known if the incident was captured on security video.

The police chief added that the incident showed that the current screening process worked well.

Congress is currently on recess for the Easter holiday, but some members of Congress and their staff were on site. However many tourists were visiting the famous governmental buildings.

This was not the first time that a security-related incident took place near the Capitol building. Last May during Memorial Day weekend, a bomb squad detonated a pressure cooker found in a car parked nearby.

The pressure cooker raised great concerns since the appliance has been used in numerous terrorist attacks in the past as an explosive filled with nails and other shrapnel to inflict gruesome casualties.

The most notable usage as a means of attack was seen in the 2013 Boston Marathon bombing, in which an attack with two pressure cookers murdered three and wounded over 260 others.