Jerusalem terror cell planned shooting attack

7 Arabs indicted for obtaining automatic weapon, planning to launch attack with pipe bombs, as well as hurling firebombs at security forces.

Ido Ben-Porat ,

Jihadist (illustration)
Jihadist (illustration)

The Jerusalem district attorney's office submitted an indictment to the city's district court against seven Arab residents aged 17 to 21, charging them with aiding the enemy during wartime, being tied to crimes, weapons production, trade and possession, as well as belonging to a terror organization.

According to the indictment three of the terrorists, all aged 17, were members of the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), a Communist terrorist group. They cooperated with others in terror activities with the goal of harming Israeli security forces.

The seven Arabs are accused of planning a shooting attack on security forces, and scheming to hurl pipe bombs at the forces, as well as actively having thrown firebombs and rocks at them and at police vehicles.

In establishing their terror cell, the seven obtained an automatic weapon as part of preparations for their plan to launch a shooting.

During a meeting between the three 17-year-olds in mid-January, they planned to produce explosives and conduct tests on them. If successful, they were to make more bombs to use in a shooting attack on security forces and public workers arriving in the northeastern Issawiya neighborhood of Jerusalem to demolish illegal homes.

In early February the three met again and decided to buy a Carlo modified sub-machine gun, and also spoke about obtaining dark clothes to be worn during the attack so as to hide their presence.

Several days later they prepared five firebombs and threw them from a high location adjacent to the military camp right next to Issawiya by the nearby highway.

Fortunately security forces were able to apprehend them before they launched their nefarious plans for a shooting attack.