The Atlantic denies Israel faces terror attacks

Atlantic subsidiary criticizes public for underplaying terror attacks outside of Europe, yet blatantly ignores all against Israel.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Ignoring terror attacks against Istrael
Ignoring terror attacks against Istrael
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CityLab, which belongs to the popular magazine The Atlantic, published an article in response to Tuesday's Brussels attack entitled "Beyond Brussels: 8 Other Cities Were Attacked by Terrorists in March."

Despite the author's declared intention of showing concern for all terror victims around the world, she pointedly ignores all attacks that occurred in Israel and downplayed the choice of Israeli targets.

The list includes attacks in Mali, Istanbul, Nigeria, Ankara, Ivory Coast, and two in Pakistan.

During the same period of time Israel has suffered 13 separate attacks, while many more attempted attacks were foiled by security forces at the last minute. Even though tiny Israel witnessed more terror attacks than the rest of the list combined, CityLab chose not to acknowledge any of them.

Even within its selective list, the author turned a blind eye towards Israeli suffering. Turkish media reported that Saturday's bomber in Istanbul targeted Israelis, who made up three of the five dead. He followed them from their hotel, then approached them before setting off his bomb.