'Terror chases those who run from it'

Minister Ariel condemns European policy of boycotting Israel, says EU should realize who its real enemies are.

Eliran Aharon ,

Uri Ariel
Uri Ariel
Eliran Aharon

Agriculture Minister Uri Ariel (Jewish Home) spoke with Arutz Sheva in the wake of the lethal Islamic State (ISIS) attacks in Brussels, the capital of the European Union.

A full 34 people were murdered in bombings at an airport and a metro station, and around 200 others were wounded.

"Those who run from terror - terror chases after them," said Ariel, in a condemnation of European policy.

"Those who boycott the state of Israel just because it is here get it in their backyard from ISIS and others," he added, noting on the EU labeling policy against Jewish products from Judea, Samaria and the Golan Heights.

The minister called on the EU to recognize who its real enemies are, saying, "I propose to the Europeans that they fight, because the best defense is offense."

"They struck the capital of the European Union, and the European Union will need to act together with Israel in fighting the terror and bringing it down off the daily routine, and the sooner the better."

Ariel spoke with Arutz Sheva as he was on his way to the Kotel (Western Wall) for a prayer rally Tuesday evening initiated by the families of terror victims murdered in the recent wave of Arab terror.

"We need more security," said Ariel, himself a member of the coalition government. The minister said, "Holy One blessed be He, we ask from You more rain, we asked from You joy ahead of Purim and Pesach, and with God's help we will surely ascend (to the Temple - ed.)."