Briton survives airport, boards doomed metro train

Aunt of David Dixon relates tragic story of how he told her he was fine after bombings, but then got on a train that was also attacked.

Ari Yashar ,

Brussels airport bombing
Brussels airport bombing

A tragic story has surfaced regarding David Dixon of Britain, who while on his way to work survived the double suicide bombings at Brussels' Zaventem Airport on Tuesday morning, but then boarded the metro train where a third blast struck an hour later.

Dixon, from Hartlepool, County Durham, remains missing. He told his aunt he was "fine and safe" just minutes after the airport bombings, and then got on the train that was bombed at Maalbeek station, reports KTL on Wednesday. In the attacks, a total of 34 people were murdered and around 200 were wounded.

The UK issued a statement Wednesday indicating Dixon without mentioning his name, in which it said, "we are concerned about one missing British national and we are in close contact with the Belgian authorities. We are aware of four British nationals who were injured in the attacks - three are being treated in hospital, one has already been discharged."

Dixon, a 51-year-old IT technician and former British Airways employee, was unaware of the attacks on the airport until his aunt Ann Dixon texted him from her home in Hartlepool to check in with him.

He told her he was fine, but just an hour later her relief was replaced by distress.

"As soon as I heard on the news about the explosion at the airport I thought of David and I texted him to ask whether he was alright," she said. "It was a relief when he texted back soon afterwards and said he was safe and fine."

"He said he hadn't even realized that there had been bombs going off at the airport, I guess it's because he was getting ready to go to work. He told me I was the first person who had let him know."

Detailing the tragic course of events, she continued, "he traveled into Brussels on the Metro every day and after we'd texted he must have gone straight out and got on the Metro that was attacked. It was only an hour later when that bomb went off."

"Later in the morning my brother-in-law got in touch to say that the Metro had been attacked and that David's brother hadn't been able to get in touch with him."