'Europe will suffer its own Oslo War'

Middle East expert says as Islam actively works to conquer the world, Europe faces terror reign like that seen in Israel in 2000.

Benny Tocker ,

Dr. Yechiel Shabi
Dr. Yechiel Shabi

Middle East expert Dr. Yechiel Shabi of Bar-Ilan University spoke to Arutz Sheva on Tuesday about the lethal bombings in Brussels earlier in the day, in which Islamic State (ISIS) terrorists murdered 34 people in attacks on an airport and metro station.

Referencing the recent uptick in terror on European soil, including an ISIS attack in Paris last November that left 130 people murdered, he said, "this is a harsh assault by fundamentalist Islam, which is in the stage of physical war."

"Up until now there were three stages, the stage of migration to Europe, the preparation for war that included training and mental preparation, the preparedness to go out to battle and a consciousness of receiving reward from the Creator (for conducting attacks), and currently the fighting."

"We've seen it in Turkey, Brussels, and closer in Syria and Lebanon. The same people who migrated to Europe are part of the campaign, they are graduates of Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq and they believe that when Islam rules there will be harmony in the whole world," explained Shabi.

Europe is set to go through a similar process to that suffered by Israel following the 1994 Oslo Accords, he said, indicating the escalation of terror which led to the 2000-2005 terror war that came to be known as the Second Intifada or Oslo War.

The Middle East expert said, "they're still living in euphoria that maybe things can be better. Remember the large attacks in Oslo, how long it took the IDF to enter the Palestinian cities in (Operation) Defensive Shield - we paid with 1,000 casualties by the time the IDF did what was needed."

"Europe will also learn the hard way, they will need to isolate locations that have Muslim population concentrations, they will check who are the people going to mosques, and will place spies in mosques to stop the inciters, they need to be ready also to pay in victims."

Shabi reasons that in the current stage, Islam is seeking to actively take control of the world.

"They are in effect fighting against the infidels, whether they're Jews or Christians. And they have Trojan horses everywhere. They are spreading out in Europe and soon in North America, and if not by the sword they're doing it by settling."

"It's happening in France, Belgium and Holland, these places are turning into a home of Islam and the goal is to strike weakness in the hearts of the infidels and in this way conquer the cities," he concluded.