Families of terror victims emulate Queen Esther

Those who lost loved ones to Arab terror pray with public at Kotel on eve of fast of Esther, in a new call for salvation.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Victims of the Arab terror wave
Victims of the Arab terror wave
Courtesy of the families

No less than 34 victims have been murdered in the course of the lethal Arab terror wave raging since last September. The families of many of the victims on Tuesday issued a letter calling on the general public to arrive for a prayer rally which was held at 4:15 p.m. at the Western Wall (Kotel).

The letter issued by the families of the victims reads:

We, who have lost our dear ones in recent months, will stand in prayer before the Creator of the universe at the Western Wall on the eve of the fast of Esther (Tuesday night - ed.).

We will ask the Creator of the universe to stop these murder sprees throughout Israel. We will shout, we will pray, we will say to the Creator of the universe: Enough! We have suffered enough hate. We have suffered enough pain. We have suffered enough bloodshed. We want to fulfill our roles in light, happiness, rejoicing and glory.

We will ask the Creator of the universe to give wisdom, understanding and knowledge to the government of Israel to act with courage and might without fear to stop these murder campaigns that have continued for over half-a-year. We will hold on to the way of Queen Esther, who asked to gather all the Jews in prayer, and merited to adorn herself in courage and kingship and saved the nation of Israel (as is celebrated on Purim - ed.).

We ask all those who are in pain to join us. So that there be a prayer of the masses. Prayer from the whole heart. As one person with one heart. A prayer of tears that open the gates of Heaven. And the Holy One blessed be He does not tire of the prayer of the masses.

Fast of Esther eve, at 4:15 p.m. at the Western Wall, selichot and prayer with the participation of the Chief Rabbis of Israel.