PA again threatens to take Israel to the Hague

PA Foreign Ministry denounces Israel nationalizing land in Jordan Valley, calls on international community to sanction Israel.

Dalit Halevi ,

International Criminal Court, Hague
International Criminal Court, Hague
CC/Vincent van Zeijst

The Palestinian Foreign Ministry has denounced Israel's "extreme" decision to nationalize 2,343 dunams (2.343 square kilometers) of land in the Jordan Valley, saying that it is part of an effort to "spread out" in Jerusalem, Judea and Samaria.

The statement claimed that the decision indicates Israel's disregard for the international community's condemnations and its efforts to prevent any possibility of creating a geographically-viable Palestinian state.

"The Israeli attempt to empty the Jordan Valley of Palestinians will not succeed. The State of Palestine will not sit idly by and keep quiet in light of Israel's dangerous and repeated decisions, but will immediately act to bring this issue and other similar ones before the International Criminal Court," it noted.

The Foreign Ministry further demanded that the international community place sanctions on Israel.

The International Criminal Court (ICC), located in the Hague, oversees high-level criminal cases when it is determined that the involved parties cannot or will not handle the cases effectively or honestly.

The Palestinian Authority has not commented on the Palestinians' illegal activity in the Jordan Valley. While the ICC has not yet accepted any suits against Israel, the European Union has avoided trials over its illegal support for Palestinians in the area by claiming diplomatic immunity.