Terror attack thwarted in the capital

Alert Border Police officers spot 14-year-old terrorist trying to sneak past security checkpoint, in arrest find he was hiding a knife.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Shuafat checkpoint (file)
Shuafat checkpoint (file)
Police Spokesperson Unit

Border Police officers at a surveillance point in the northern Shuafat neighborhood of Jerusalem on Wednesday morning thwarted a terror attack.

The officers spotted a 14-year-old Arab terrorist trying to climb over the revolving gates at the entrance to the neighborhood, in an attempt to leave towards the center of the capital without going through the security checkpoint.

A team of soldiers arrested him and found a knife on his person. An initial investigation revealed he was setting off to conduct an attack.

The terrorist has been transferred to security forces for investigation.

"A team of fighters was directed to the minor, identified and arrested him. In a search of his belongings a knife was found," read a Jerusalem district police statement.

The commander of the Jerusalem region Border Police's northern brigade praised the officers, saying, "the fighters are working in a high state of readiness which proves itself each day."

"The alertness of the fighters at the surveillance point and their professionalism led to the arrest of the suspect and prevented harm to innocents. We continue in our activities that are important for the security of the capital."

The knife Border Police Spokesperson Unit