The Big CHAZAQ Event IV

A night of inspiration and entertainment for the entire family.

Dina Aaron ,

Big CHAZAQ event
Big CHAZAQ event

CHAZAQ (with a “Q”) has become a household name in the Queens community since its inception nearly 10 years ago and their sphere of influence is slowly expanding beyond their borders. “Kiruv rechokim and chizuk lekrovim is our motto,” says operations manager Yaniv Meirov, “and every community can use a bit of that”.

Their wide array of programs include community wide shiurim, a separate men and women’s division, a teens division, a children’s division, along with a family magazine and an online radio station.

While this dynamic organization has inspired thousands of men and women via their large gatherings, it’s the personal relationship they build with the youth of the community that makes their work so successful. “With all the splash that we do in organizing all these big events, behind the scenes we are quietly changing the lives of scores of teenage boys and girls from local public schools via our after school programs for teens”, says Yaniv.

“My brother, Rav Ilan, together with Rabbi Yitzchak Oelboum (son of the renowned Posek Rav Noach Isaac Oelboum Shlit”a) work tirelessly together with community activists to create a makom Torah for these children. We have several sessions for the boys and girls along with Shabbatons in different communities that really make a difference in the lives of these children. 

On Sunday Night, April 3rd, CHAZAQ will host their 4th annual “Big Event” which will be”h be a night of great inspiration and entertainment. “Any time you have Rabbi Dr. Avraham J. Twerski or Charlie Harary on stage, you are sure to be inspired. How much more so if they share the stage on one night,” says Yaniv excitedly. “You top that off with the world renowned "Maccabeats" and this promises to be an unforgettable evening”.

Tickets for the Big Event are going fast. Select seats are still available online at or by calling 718-285-9132. All proceeds of the event go towards CHAZAQ’s outreach programs.