'Expel terrorist families, beat ISIS-like terror'

Transportation Minister Haim Katz vows to table bill tomorrow to enable expulsion of terrorists' families as 'deterrent.'

Ari Soffer ,

"Lone wolf" terrorists are often supported by their families
"Lone wolf" terrorists are often supported by their families

Transportation Minister Haim Katz has declared his intention to table a bill as early as tomorrow to expel the families of terrorists "to Gaza or Syria," saying such measures are the only way to deter "ISIS-like" Palestinian terror.

"We find are in the midst of a war against an ISIS-like terror campaign of extremist Islam," Katz said, following three separate attacks by Arab Muslim terrorists in Israel Tuesday evening.

He said the current wave of terror against Israelis - most of which has been carried out by individuals operating alone, as opposed to under the direction of terrorist organizations - could not be stopped via conventional intelligence and counterterrorism means, and required a strong deterrent.

That, he said, would be best served by deporting family members of terrorists who carry out attacks - a measure which has been repeatedly suggested by government ministers and MKs, and which Prime Minister Netanyahu is currently considering.

But Katz said he would not wait for the outcome of the prime minister's discussions with the Attorney General, and would tomorrow be submitting a bill "to enable the expulsion of the families of terrorists to Gaza or Syria, and I call on the the factions in the House (Knesset), and to the justice system, to support this bill."

The Minister further noted the importance of another bill, already submitted, which would impose tougher penalties on Israeli employers who bring illegal Palestinian Arab workers into sovereign Israeli territory. Two of the terrorists from today's attacks - in Petah Tikva and Jaffa - were in Israel illegally.

"We are in a state of emergency," Katz said, while dismissing left-wing opponents of deterrent measures. "There are murderers here who are motivated by hatred, and we are not prepared for Jews to continue to be attacked.

"This is an intifada of incitement," he continued, referring to the role of organized incitement in inspiring attacks. "We must create a deterrent, and I appeal to all the bleeding hearts who come and preach to understand where we find ourselves today."