IDF to outsource kosher supervision

Move comes as part of effort to reduce manpower requirements. Military Rabbinate will still be involved, but from a distance.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

IDF cafeteria
IDF cafeteria
IDF spokesman

The IDF is planning on replacing its kosher supervisors on dozens of bases across the country, Haaretz reports. Instead, it will hire private supervisors as part of its "outsourcing" program.

According to the report, the IDF has put together a list of about 30 bases whose kosher supervision will be privatized and run by outside contractors.

The intention of the move is to keep the overall responsibility for keeping kosher on the bases and of granting kosher certificates with the Military Rabbinate, and not to hand it over to the civilian rabbinate.

The project was put together as part of the "Gidon" multi-year plan and in the hopes of significantly reducing the manpower requirements for the Military Rabbinate. These cuts would require addressing the gaps created in the field.

According to the report, the Military Rabbinate will supervise the work from a distance through a control system called "Kashrut checker," that will be operated from smartphones. Due to the fact that some cases will involve operational units and emergency preparations, the private company will be required to hire supervisors with high security classifications.

The IDF has responded to the report by stating that "The responsibility for kosher food and kitchens will remain in the Military Rabbinate's hands," and that, among the options examined, was "using civilian officials in specific locations under the Military Rabbinate's supervision."