How did a Palestinian stabber attack in Germany?

UK site reports on German-Moroccan ISIS teen who stabbed cop - but her picture has an eerie resemblance to another terrorist.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Beitar Illit attack
Beitar Illit attack

The British newspaper The Sun posted an article on its website Saturday about a Moroccan teen supporter of Islamic State (ISIS) stabbing a police officer in Hannover, Germany - but it used a picture from an attack by a female Arab terrorist inside Israel.

The article featured a picture from an attack last November at a checkpoint in Beitar Illit, in which a female terrorist stabbed and lightly wounded a security guard before being shot and neutralized.

But according to The Sun, the picture was of the 15-year-old Moroccan-German girl who stabbed an officer at a railway station in Hannover. The article was later deleted by the site, according to Yedioth Aharonoth.

The attacker in Hannover had been living on the border between Syria and Turkey, trying to join her terrorist friends in ISIS. She was arrested by Turkish police and deported back to her mother in Hannover.

The 15-year-old had a German passport and a criminal past including theft and assaults.

Saturday's report by The Sun, itself based on a report by Breitbart UK, reported that the 15-year-old approached the officer in the Hannover Central Railway Station, and that "the girl can be seen fishing a giant kitchen knife out of her purse and stabbing the officer while he examined her identity documents."

But as noted the screenshot in the article was mistakenly taken from the Beitar Illit attack, which was captured by a security camera.

The German officer was stabbed in the neck before his colleagues stepped in and ended the stabbing. 

"While the officer turned to inspect the girl's ID, with lightning speed she stabbed him," a police officer told The Sun. "He didn’t have a chance to defend himself. It was a miracle he survived."