Who stole Mothers' Day?

A new video explains why Israel stopped marking Mothers' Day and replaced it with a communist holiday meant for anti-family propaganda.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Who Stole Mothers' Day?
Who Stole Mothers' Day?

From 1951 until the late 1980s, Israel marked its version of Mothers' Day on the 30th day of the Hebrew month of Shvat. It was a happy day on which the entire family showed Mom how much everyone loved her and appreciated her sacrifices.

In the 90s, however, we stopped marking Mothers' Day, and started marking another day, International Women's Day, on March 8. The message of this day is actually anti-family.

How did this happen and who was behind this change? The answer is strange, but apparently, on matters of family and gender, Israeli reality is sometimes stranger than fiction.

As Women's Day approaches, The Familists, Israel's pro-family movement, presents a 5-minute video explaining what happened.