February heat wave exacerbates drought in Israel

Three years of hotter-than-usual Februarys in a row, coupled with an ongoing drought have hit Israel's water supply.

David Rosenberg ,

Sun heat wave
Sun heat wave

Israel is facing a serious long-term water shortage, reports the Israeli Water Authority, as February’s abnormally high temperatures marked Israel’s third year of drought.

The Water Authority notes that since 2014, the rainy season in Israel has been abnormally short, with larger than normal drop-offs in the amount of precipitation in the month of February.

This year, February saw a 50% drop in rain. The February heatwave exacerbated the dearth of rain, drying up soil far earlier than usual. That means that even with greater amounts of precipitation in March, underground aquifers are unlikely to be replenished.

Because of the relatively dry winter, Israel's water supply will be tighter, leading to higher prices for fruit and vegetables.