PA minister cancels appearance at Hebrew U

Mahmoud al-Habash, notorious for glorifying terror, calling all of Israel 'Muslim land', cancels Hebrew University appearance.

Eliran Aharon,

Hebrew University Tower Har Hatzofim Campusה העברית
Hebrew University Tower Har Hatzofim Campusה העברית

Dr. Mahmoud al-Habash, a PA minister and senior adviser to President Mahmoud Abbas, has canceled his planned participation in a Hebrew University panel today (Tuesday).

The panel was to focus on the political process and include MK Ofer Shalah (Yesh Atid). Without Habash, though, organizers say that they are canceling the event.

“This follows notification from Palestinian Authority officials that their highest security echelons had received information about threats to Dr. al-Habbash's life, and therefore they would not allow him to attend the meeting, where he was slated to discuss topics including the stalled political process and the security situation,” read an official statement from the Hebrew University.

It emphasized that “The Truman Institute did not give in to pressure during the past week to cancel the event, but rather canceled it today following the notification from the Palestinian Authority.”

Professor Menahem Blondheim, the head of the Truman Institute, says, “We regret that dialogue was once again prevented, and that we who are engaged in the important work of advancing peace were not able to continue and carry out this important mandate."