Canada arrests 60 citizens involved in terror

Canadian authorities arrest 60 citizens who had joined foreign terror groups. Another 180 still with the organizations.

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Arutz Sheva Staff ,


Sixty Canadians have returned home after traveling abroad to join banned terror groups, while another 180 are still engaged with these organizations, Canada's spy master told a local newspaper.

"The total number of people overseas involved in threat-related activities, and I'm not just talking about Iraq and Syria, is probably around 180," Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) director Michel Coulombe told the Globe and Mail newspaper.

"In Iraq and Syria, we are probably talking close to 100," he added.

An agency official was not immediately available to confirm the figures, which represent a significant jump in the number of Canadians reported to be involved in "terrorist" activities.

A 2014 national security report said 130 Canadians overseas were being tracked by CSIS.

They are said to be involved in fighting, training, fundraising to support attacks, promoting extremist views and planning attacks.

Federal police chief Bob Paulson said the Royal Canadian Mounted Police is keeping tabs on those who have returned to Canada, some of them around the clock.

AFP contributed to this report