IDF sends detention orders to hilltop youth

IDF generals sign administrative detention orders against Jewish youths. Honenu: 'Selective enforcement against entire population.'

Menahem Schwartz ,

Hilltop youth
Hilltop youth
Flash 90

The legal defense organization Honenu claims that the IDF and Shin Bet's fight against "hilltop youth" and outpost residents is heating up and, over the past few days, the IDF's Homefront and Central commanders have signed new administrative detention orders against Jewish youths.

The initial orders expired after six months and, in a relatively rare step, security agencies decided to extend them in a sweeping and indiscriminate manner.

Recently, at least four minors received reports of plans to extend their detention orders by an additional three to six months. Most of the recipients already received the new orders that include instructions to stay out of Judea and Samaria, nightly house arrests, and bans on contacting several people.

Honenu claims that administrative orders have almost never been extended past their original expiration dates, and certainly not so many orders. In addition, the group claims that the detainees have had more home visits over the past few months, to the point that police officers check on them every night or even multiple times per night.

Honenu lawyer Menashe Yado says that "The administrative orders are given without evidence and without a trial. They severely undermine the fundamental rights of their recipients and cut them off from their places of residence, education, work, and sometimes even families. Recently, we have seen a worsening in the treatment of those who receive such orders, as the system is completely sealed even when dealing with welfare and education, as well as minors' rights and the recommendations of testing services. This is a selective enforcement against an entire population, which is invalid and causes difficult feelings among this population."