Watch: Female terrorist caught at Tapuach Junction

Teenage terrorist nabbed at Tapuach checkpoint, said she was inspired to commit terror attack after watching online videos.

David Rosenberg ,

Knifeman (illustrative)
Knifeman (illustrative)

A knife-wielding female teenage terrorist was arrested Sunday morning after an attempted terror attack at the Tapuach Junction checkpoint.

Armed with a knife, the 17 year old terrorist, a resident of the Arab village of Qusra in Samaria, had positioned herself near a bus stop at the junction, but was discovered and arrested before carrying out any attacks.

When the Border Police ordered the suspect to halt, she reportedly approached them with her knife, but stopped once the soldiers' guns were drawn. 

During questioning she revealed that she was inspired to commit a terror attack in part by online videos inciting young Arabs to violence.

The terrorist's hometown of Qusra is the scene of frequent clashes with both IDF soldiers and Jewish residents of the neighboring community of Esh Kodesh.