El Al plane breaks a wing in Amsterdam

While being towed to runway for takeoff back to Israel, Boeing 737's wing hits into gate and breaks.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

El Al flight (illustration)
El Al flight (illustration)
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An El Al airplane with 150 passengers and crew on board had an accident at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol on Friday morning, in which its wing broke.

The plane was due to take off from Holland and fly back to Israel, but it was delayed at the airport due to the accident.

While being brought to the takeoff runway by a towing vehicle, the wing of the plane struck a fence and broke.

Fortunately all passengers and crew were unharmed.

An initial investigation found that the accident occurred due to heavy fog at the airport.

The El Al Boeing 737 was grounded after the crash, and the passengers were sent to hotels in the city to wait for another flight that apparently will take them back to Israel on Saturday night.

One of the passengers was cited by Yedioth Aharonoth as saying "we were already on the way to takeoff and then we felt a blow."