Propaganda in Berlin warns of 'Jewish terror'

A growing campaign of anti-Semitic propaganda in Berlin warns of Mossad attacks and 'Jewish terror' against Germans.

David Rosenberg ,

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Anonymous mask
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A mysterious campaign in Berlin to stoke fears of “Jewish terror” is spreading and becoming increasingly sophisticated.

According to a report by the Department of Research and Information on Anti-Semitism (RIAS), flyers, cards, and notices warning of “Jewish terror” threatening “attacks on Berlin’s citizens” have increased around the city since October of 2015.

No organization has claimed responsibility and it remains unclear who is behind the campaign.

While the campaign initially appeared to be limited to the spreading of propaganda, it now appears to be actively tracking Jews living in Berlin. Materials associated with the campaign have been found in homes and attached to cars of Jews residing in the German capital, suggesting that whomever is behind the flyers has been keeping local Jews under surveillance.  

Some of the most recent flyers found have warned residents about a possible Mossad attack.