Steinitz's remarks cancel PM's trip to Egypt?

Are offhanded remarks on Israeli-Egyptian collaboration being as an excuse to cancel a meeting between Netanyahu and Sisi?

Netanel Katz ,

Minister Yuval Steinitz
Minister Yuval Steinitz
Flash 90

Saudi Arabian media reported on Sunday morning that Egypt has cancelled a scheduled visit of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu to Cairo. 

According to the reports, the reason that Egypt gave for canceling the visit is in order to show their dissatisfaction with recent comments made by the Israeli Minister of Energy Yuval Steiniz, who said that Egyptian security forces flooded Hamas terror and smuggling tunnels at the request of the Israeli government. 

Steinitz a week ago said that: "coordination of security issues between Egypt and Israel is at an all time high." The minister incurred the wrath of the  Egyptian government when he later said that the flooding of the tunnels "is a good solution to the southern security issues. While it is not a solution for a border that continues for 60-70 kilometers, if Sisi did so it was partly because we asked him to." 

Steinitz's remarks earned harsh criticism from security personnel in Israel, and now according to the report it seems that the Egyptians didn't take kindly to his remarks either. 

The Israeli government has refuted the report of the planned cancellation. The Prime Minister's Office said "Netanyahu did not have a scheduled trip to Egypt."