Heat wave on the horizon for Israel

Today's forecast, pleasant and sunny, but as of tomorrow the temperature will be unseasonably hot while Israel is hit with a heatwave.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Sun heat wave
Sun heat wave

Today is expected to continue to be sunny and mild with temperatures similar to what Israel experienced over the weekend.

High temperatures will reach the low twenty degrees celsius across the country, and the lows over night will remain in the between 10 and 13 degrees celsius depending upon the location. A light fog is expected during the morning hours in the coastal region and northern Negev as well as sporadic fog in the Galilee.

However, as of Monday, Israel will experience an uncharacteristically hot few days over the upcoming week.

Due to a southwestern warm front that will settle over Israel, temperatures will rise and culminate around the 30 degree mark in the coastal area towards the end of the week. The humidity during the heatwave will drop significantly, causing the heatwave to feel very dry.