Israeli software extends battery life in phones

PowerXtend makes battery last up to 20% longer when the most power-intensive applications are running.

Gil Ronen ,

Smartphone (illustration)
Smartphone (illustration)

An Israeli hi-tech firm makes a mobile phone battery last up to 20% longer when the most power-intensive graphical applications are in use. These include chatting, gaming, multimedia browsing and navigating.

According to ISRAEL21c, Lucidlogix Technologies developed a software solution called PowerXtend to this end.

It debuted in 2013 and has been built into more than 150 million licensed Android devices.

In addition to extending battery life, PowerXtend also reduces the amount of heat released from the device during the use of graphics-heavy programs like Waze, said Lucidlogix CEO and Chairperson Adina Shorr, speaking to ISRAEL21c from the company’s Netanya headquarters.

She emphasized that PowerXtend is neither an app nor a chip, and is different than any other battery-extending solution currently available.

“There are apps you can download from Google Play that will help save battery by limiting the functionality of the phone, like turning off wireless and GPS,” Shorr explained. “Our claim to fame is that we do not take the smartness out of the smartphone.”

PowerXtend "relies on a smart set of algorithms that manage the graphics pipeline in way that requires less power," she told ISRAEL21c.

“We do this according to content, giving different treatments for gaming, navigation, social apps and web browsing because these four categories operate very differently on your phone.”