300 police officers reportedly prosecuted in 2015

Despite high numbers of complaints against police officers, Investigation Unit insists most cases end showing cops acted appropriately.

Shoshana Miskin ,

Illustration: police car
Illustration: police car
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The Police Investigation Unit (PIU), published Monday their annual activity report which revealed the degree of involvement of police officers in criminal acts during 2015.

The report revealed 640 cases of police officers being interrogated under warning, and about 30 percent of those investigations resulted in criminal or disciplinary prosecution.

A total of 102 criminal indictments were filed against police officers, though 85 of them were dismissed after it was deemed officers acted appropriately.

The PIU explained that most of time cases are shut after determining that the circumstances do not warrant a prosecution.

300 police officers were prosecuted in 200 disciplinary proceedings - a large number relative to the normative population of policemen. However, the PIU stressed that they quickly closed the cases and cleared the cops proven to have operated lawfully, which happened in over 100 investigated cases.

The PIU emphasized that most referrals that come to them result with the assessment that the police officer acted within the realm of proper police conduct and routine in accordance with the law.

In regards to sexual harassment and abuse by officers, the PIU stressed it cooperates with the Association of Rape Crisis Centers, who encompass all stages of the criminal process.