Trump, Sanders continue to lead in New Hampshire

Monmouth University poll finds Trump and Sanders lead in New Hampshire, with a close race for second place among GOPs.

Ben Ariel ,

Donald Trump
Donald Trump

Donald Trump and Bernie Sanders are still leading in New Hampshire two days ahead of the primary, Politico reported Sunday, citing a new Monmouth University poll.

In the Republican race, however, there is an interesting turn of events in the form of a four-way race for second place, the poll found.

Trump commands 30 percent support from likely Republican primary voters in New Hampshire, the poll found. John Kasich, Marco Rubio, Jeb Bush and Ted Cruz were virtually tied for second place, with 14 percent support for Kasich, 13 percent each for Rubio and Bush and 12 percent for Cruz.

Chris Christie had 6 percent support, Carly Fiorina had 5 percent and Ben Carson had 4 percent, the poll found.

On the Democratic side, Bernie Sanders led Hillary Clinton by 10 points, with 52 percent support for Sanders and 42 percent for Clinton, according to Politico.

A poll late last week found that Sanders gets the support of 58 percent of likely Democratic primary voters, while Clinton gets 38 percent.

A separate poll conducted the same day found Trump leading with 29% of support, followed by Rubio with 18%, and then Cruz (13%) and Kasich (12%) in a near-tie for third.

Most of the interviews for the poll released on Sunday were conducted between the Democratic debate on Thursday and the Republican debate on Saturday.