PA manufacturers lose kashrut due to security risk

The Civil Administration refuses to allow kashrut supervisors to enter the PA due to security risks.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Kosher sign
Kosher sign
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Palestinian food producers have not had their kashrut certification renewed for the year of 2016 as the Rabbinate cannot enforce the supervision in the Palestinian Authority (PA) due to the terror wave. 

According to Army Radio, the Rabbinate has no way of checking or enforcing kosher supervision laws in the Palestinian authority as the ongoing terror wave continues. 

In general the Rabbinate organizes entrance into PA-controlled areas to supervise Palestinian food manufacturing via the IDF Civil Administration (COGAT). This entry is subject to security concerns and COGAT has been reluctant to allow kosher supervisors to enter the PA due to the risk of them being harmed by Palestinians. 

The Rabbinate in general does not give kosher certification to products that are manufactured abroad or in the PA. Instead, they rely on local area supervision.

Companies affected by the recent issue and who have not had their kosher certification renewed include Tehina Hayonah, and Tehina Ayeesh from Nablus, who are represented by attorney and professor Aviad HaCohen who heads the Academic Center of Law and Science.

HaCohen asserted, "This is in essence a ban that is being placed on Palestinian products by the Rabbinate. It is legally problematic and will boomerang back at the Rabbinate and will put Israel in a corner that it will be very difficult to get out of."  

The Rabbinate responded by confirming the details of the story, and stating that there will be no certification given without supervision. Once it becomes safe for kashrut supervisors to enter the PA without risking their lives, it is expected certification will be reinstated.