Forecast: Two days of spring before rain returns

Sunny skies and balmy temperatures on Thursday and Friday will give way to renewed showers and cold at start of next week.

Cynthia Blank ,

Sunset at Tel Aviv coast
Sunset at Tel Aviv coast
Esther Rubyan/Flash90

Sandwiched between last week's wintry weather and renewed rainstorms to begin on Saturday will be two warm spring-like days. 

Skies on Thursday will be sunny to partly cloudy and temperatures will increase slightly. Strong eastern winds will be felt in the mountains in the evening, but it will remain pleasant along the coast. 

Temperatures on Thursday will reach 22° (72°) in the Golan Heights, 21°C (70°F) in Tiberias, 19° (66°) in Haifa, 23°(73°) in Tel Aviv, 17° (63°) in Jerusalem, 22° in Be'er Sheva and a balmy 25° (77°) in Eilat. 

Friday is expected to be even warmer and drier and will feel almost like spring, with temperatures also reaching into the low 70s. 

Weather on Saturday will take a turn for the wintry, however, as heavy rainfall, wind and cold temperatures return, spreading from northern Israel to the center. Snow is also predicted on Mount Hermon. 

Sunday will remain both cold and rainy.