ZAKA continues to gain international prominence

ZAKA participates in international conference of INSARAG to discuss protocols for future emergency situations.

Yoni Kempinsky ,

Zaka vounteer outside the UN
Zaka vounteer outside the UN
ZAKA International Unit

The Israeli organization ZAKA has been recognized as an official adviser and observer organization by the United Nations, and has been invited to the International Search and Rescue Advisory Group (INSARAG) conference which is to be held in Geneva.

The aim of the conference is to bring together officially recognized search and rescue as well as humanitarian organizations that help out during a time of international crisis. 

ZAKA's recognition came due to the hard work of Jacob Wimisberg, who is the Director of Strategy and Cooperation of the National Emergency Management Authority which belongs to the Israeli Ministry of Defense. Wimisberg is known as the chief authority when it comes to international cooperation for emergency relief efforts in Israel.  

Wimisberg met with Motti Goldstein, commander of the international division of ZAKA, and his deputy Dano Monkotovitz in Geneva to discuss ideas about various international partnerships. Among the discussions were different training sessions that ZAKA personnel could undergo in order to be better equipped to deal with international crises. 

The conference, which is ongoing this week from Monday to Thursday, is aimed at taking all of the humanitarian as well as search and rescue organizations that are recognized by the UN and creating a protocol for the next international emergency.

One of the primary focuses of the conference is to create small specialized groups that will be responsible for dealing with a variety of situations that may arise in the fields of transportation during emergency situations, search and rescue, overseeing volunteers in the disaster area, overseeing media in the disaster area, and creating an international platform that will allow multiple countries and international organizations to send and receive information during the emergency.