Terror attack prevented after high speed chase

Manhunt in Tel Aviv ends in capture of two Arabs who threatened to carry our a car ramming attack following car chase down the Ayalon.

Raphael Poch ,

 (illustration) Police stop suspect car on Ayalon Highway, Tel Aviv
(illustration) Police stop suspect car on Ayalon Highway, Tel Aviv
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Two Israeli Arabs from Kfar Qassam were arrested on Monday at the end of a high speed car chase which took place down the Ayalon highway in Tel Aviv.

The chase ensued after one of the two Arabs told his girlfriend that he was planning on carrying out a car ramming attack inside the city. 

The two men were drinking the night before in a Herzliya pub and one of them got into a fight with his girlfriend when he saw her talking to another man. According to reports, the suspected terrorist threatened her and then added "I am going to kill some Jews. I am going to drive on the sidewalk and run them over." The girl and her friend immediately reported this to the police who began a manhunt for the two men. They were finally arrested sometime Monday morning at the end of a car chase. 

After being notified by the girl, Tel Aviv police began to pursue the two men. The manhunt involved helicopters, emergency roadblocks that were setup throughout the city and the emergency call up of a large number of police officers from the Tel Aviv district and traffic enforcement.

Upon locating the suspected terrorists following a car chase police performed the procedure for arresting a suspected individual in possession of a weapon who has the intention to carry out an attack.