Arabs ambush Rabbi near Mount Hevron

Chabad Rabbi Yossi Nachshon was ambushed by terrorists who hurled rocks at his car. Luckily, only the windshield sustained damage.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Rock throwing attack
Rock throwing attack
Photo: Amichai Ben-David

Rabbi Yossi Nachshon, who serves as an emissary to Chabad communities in the Hevron Hills, was ambushed on Sunday by rocks thrown at him by masked Arabs.

Rabbi Nachshon, who resides in Kiryat Arba, was on his way to help IDF soldiers put on Tefillin, when several Arabs started hurling rocks and cinderblocks at his the car.

He alerted security forces who were deployed to the scene, but the Arab perpetrators managed to flee.

''While on my way to fulfill Rabbinic duties, between Kiryat Arba and the Hevron Hills, I was ambushed and my car was attacked by masked men who were hurling stones. Miraculously, the extent of the damage is only a large hole in the windshield," said Rabbi Nachshon on the Chabad On Line website.

Rabbi Nachshon said he will continue his spiritual activity despite the security tension; "Continuing operations as usual: meetings 'audiences', fulfilling the Lord’s commandments, helping soldiers put on tefillin, and conducting home visits," he clarified.