Open letter
Terror victims' families cry out to government

Families of victims murdered in terror wave demand families of terrorists be expelled from Israel, instead of 'containing' murder.

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Terror attack site (illustration)
Terror attack site (illustration)
Magen David Adom

Families of 18 of the victims killed in the current Arab terror wave, in which 29 people have been murdered since last September, sent a joint letter on Sunday calling on the government to take decisive action to stop the rampant attacks.

The letter, translated from the original Hebrew, is as follows:

We, family members of Jews murdered and wounded in the recent terror wave, shout out and demand from the government of Israel that it do all in its power so as to stop this bleeding. It is impossible to 'contain' the murder of Jews.

It is impossible to 'contain' a society that teaches its children that the greatest thing every boy and girl can achieve is to become a 'martyr.' It is impossible to 'contain' families that encourage their children to murder.

Unfortunately, we see that the actions that the state of Israel is taking are not stopping the incitement and the murder sprees. Every day the family of pain and bereavement grows, and this evil must stop.

The true punishment that the murderers deserve is death. But Jewish mercy is preventing us from using it (i.e. the death penalty - ed.). Therefore, we demand from the government of Israel at least to expel the families of the terrorists with no chance of return. The family that raised the murderer, educated him and taught him to hate Jews and murder must pay the price, if for nothing else than for the deterrence that this type of expulsion creates.

We ask and demand from all Knesset members and all ministers to support this action, which will never be 'proportional' because the response that the lowly murderers and their families deserve needs to be a lot harder, more painful and deterrent.

The truth is that there is no price to Jewish blood spilled on the ground. There is and will not be any comparison between the suffering of the families of the murdered and the discomfort caused to families of the terrorists. There is and will not be any comparison between murder and bloodshed, and financial harm to families expelled from their homes. But expulsion is the minimum that the government of Israel must do in order to stop this murderous wave of terror.

Remember, our relatives who were murdered did nothing wrong. They were murdered out of racism. They were slaughtered for being Jews, and for nothing else. The state of Israel must clarify unmistakably that it will in no way tolerate the murder of Jews, and therefore it will do anything to foil this murderousness. And if currently there is no option of truly doing 'anything' - expelling the families and financial harm is the minimum.