Cold lingers on after winter storm

Weather Thursday will remain unseasonably cold but temperatures expected to creep back up over the weekend.

Cynthia Blank ,

Gush Etzion orchard covered in snow
Gush Etzion orchard covered in snow
Gershon Elinson/Flash90

While the winter storm that bore down on Israel earlier this week seems to have passed, the unseasonably cold temperatures that accompanied it are still lingering on. 

Skies on Thursday will be partly cloudy and temperatures will remain unusually cold. There is concern ice formed overnight Thursday in various parts of the country could cause disruptions and make driving hazardous. 

While schools in the Gush Etzion area have been delayed over ice, classes are to run as scheduled in Jerusalem after municipal teams scattered 60 tons of salt overnight around the capital. 

"All roads are open, despite the fear of frost in the early morning," Jerusalem's municipality said. "The public is asked to keep vigilant and exercise caution in accordance the conditions. 

Friday will also see partly cloudy skies albeit with a slight increase in temperatures. This trend is expected to continue on Saturday. 

The weather will continue to warm up even further at the beginning of next week, starting on Sunday. 

Temperatures Thursday will reach 10°C (50°) in the Golan Heights, 14° (57°) at the Kinneret, 11° (52°) in Haifa, 14° in Tel Aviv, 13° (55°) in the Shfela, 7° (45°) in Jerusalem, 12° (54°) in Be'er Sheva, 16° (61°) at the Dead Sea and 15° (59°) in Eilat.