Watch: Debut video of 'The Last Survivor'

Renowned Jewish music composer Cecelia Margules releases song for her father, a Holocaust survivor, sung by the Israeli Dudu Fisher.

Baruch Gordon ,

Holocaust survivor (file)
Holocaust survivor (file)
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Renowned composer of Jewish music Cecelia Margules has just released on Youtube the debut performance in Las Vegas of her moving song, "The Last Survivor," sung by Dudu Fisher.

The lyrics open: "He was the last, the very last survivor whose soul was tired and worn. His brothers - dead and gone... Who will tell the story? Who will light the flame? Who will bear our legacy of pain - how much we suffered, how long we cried, how six million lived and died."

Margules says that the image of her father, an Aushwitz survivor who lost his wife and two children upon arrival at the camp, is what inspired her to compose the song.

"I never knew about the horrors that he experienced in the holocaust until I was 15 years old, when it started to come out. He passed away at 99, and he epitomized for me the meaning of the Last Survivor."

The song was performed as part of a Holocaust tribute concert at the Venetian Resort Hotel in Las Vegas. The video camera captures glimpses of survivors and camp liberators in attendance at the performance, as well as the Venetian hotel owners Sheldon and Miriam Adelson.

The 15-minute movie "Opening Night," underwritten by Margules, also debuted at the Las Vegas tribute event. Margules' son Adam, an accomplished actor, plays the role of a survivor's son who gradually figures out that his father was a holocaust victim. Dudu Fisher, who plays the father, sings a song in the video entitled "Silence," which was the tactic chosen by Margules' father and many other survivors to deal with the horrors they suffered.

Margules produced yet another movie called "The Last Survivor" in which survivors share their stories.

Cecelia Margules resides in Manhattan Beach, Brooklyn, NY and is married to Real Estate Developer Rubin Margules who also serves as President of the Brooklyn chapter of the ZOA.