Take an eye break

We all try to look after our bodies and personal hygiene - but how many people properly take care of their eyes?

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Look after your eyes
Look after your eyes

Americans spend, on average, 40 minutes a day grooming themselves - personal care and hygiene are not areas in which we cut back on, when it comes to both time and money. We know that basic hygiene keeps us healthy, clean, and presentable. So why is it that we are reluctant to take 30 seconds a day to care for our eyes?

A new perspective in Eye Health

Most of us cannot imagine life without 24/7 access to our smartphones, tablets, personal computers and social media. But what many of us do not realize is that our modern day lifestyle habits that may have expanded our networks and deepened our knowledge may have actually impaired our vision or worsened existing eye conditions. Today, such symptoms as eyestrain, red, irritated and dry eyes are affecting millions around the world, people of all ages. 

Some ophthalmologists fault staring at computers and smartphones as a cause of such symptoms, Dry Eye Syndrome and Computer Vision Syndrome, as when we stare at such devices we often forget to blink. On average we blink 13-15 blinks per minute, but as computer users we may blink less, around 4-6 blinks per minute. When we blink, the tears that are necessary to give us high-quality vision, keep our eyes healthy and protect from irritants; lubricate, nourish and guard the front of the eye. Although when we blink less we get more done, this phenomenon does take a toll on our eyes. As a result it is critical to find a solution that helps maintain the function of tear spreading and protects against dryness.

In general, protecting your eyesight includes taking care of your overall health with good sleep habits, a balanced diet, regular exercise and letting your eyes rest, in addition to taking the preventative measures and creating a daily Eye Care regimen. One of the cores of treatment in controlling chronic bacterial and allergen inflammations, and relieving common dry eye symptoms is eyelid hygiene or cleaning. Just like your morning run or daily meditation breaks, once you get into the daily routine of cleaning your eyelids you will find that over time it will improve your condition and help prevent eye conditions from developing.

Dr. Fischer Eye Care

Fischer Pharmaceuticals Ltd. is a multi-national company specializing in the development and manufacture of ophthalmological and dermatological medications, body care products, and unique nutritional supplements.

The patented Dr. Fischer Eye-Care™ Wipes for adults and babies have been uniquely formulated and exclusively designed to soothe the eye surrounds and provide optimal complementary ocular aid. These preservative free, non-irritating wipes help prevent ocular conditions from worsening and assist the eyes in healing naturally. Daily use will help reduce the chances of developing eye discomforts.     

Especially designed to suit a variety of eye conditions and is suitable for the most sensitive eyes. Dr. Fischer Eye-Care™ cleansing wipes have been tested and approved as hypoallergenic, tearless and are enriched with soothing Chamomile extract. Dr. Fischer Eye-Care™ towelettes employ a technology optimized innovation ensuring safer and more effective care.

Ophthalmologists professionally appreciate Dr. Fischer Eye-Care™, regularly recommending it for both medical and everyday use. So instead of waiting to start feeling your eyes take the preemptive measures to save your eyes.