'Words will not protect Jews on streets of Europe'

EJC President Moshe Kantor urges EU to take 'stronger steps' to stop flood of attacks targeting 'Europe's most loyal minority.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

EJC President Moshe Kantor
EJC President Moshe Kantor
European Jewish Congress

European Jewish Congress (EJC) President Moshe Kantor called Wednesday on European leaders to take more action to prevent the growing surge of anti-Semitic attacks on the continent. 

Speaking in Brussels as part of the official European Parliament (EP) ceremony marking International Holocaust Remembrance Day, Kantor urged the leaders to move beyond words. 

"We hear the words of comfort and solace after every attack, and we never had any reason to doubt their sincerity," Kantor declared. “However, the more time passes, the more Jewish blood that is shed, the more Jews understand that words will not protect them in their synagogues, on the streets, or their children in their schools or kindergartens."

“We are not asking for any special favors as Jews, we are asking for governments to fulfill their responsibilities towards us as European citizens. We ask for the same rights to life, security and safety as any other European."

Kantor noted that despite the facts Jews are starting to emigrate from Europe in large numbers, he believed the trend could be stopped. 

"I want to see a bright, secure and prosperous future for the Jews of Europe," Kantor stressed. “I believe it can happen and it will happen if we work together to take stronger steps against the sources of hate and violence which target us both. Just as over seven decades ago, those who targeted Jews today do not end there."

“It may start with the Jews, as it did in Toulouse, Brussels and elsewhere in previous years, but as we saw in the horrific mass murders in Paris at the end of last year, it never ends there," he added. 

"Let 2016 be the year where Europe finally takes a stand, for its values, for its future and for its oldest and certainly most loyal minority community."