Forecast: Snow - mainly in the mountains

Snow is expected to continue intermittently mainly in the central mountains and Jerusalem until Wednesday.

Shoshana Miskin ,

Snow in Jerusalem (archive)
Snow in Jerusalem (archive)
Flash 90

Intermittent rains are expected on Monday in central and southern regions, with the possibility of a light snowfall in the northern mountains, according to the weather service forecast.

Throughout the day, scattered thunderstorms are expected in the Center and Negev areas. 

Snowfall is anticipated in mountainous areas, including Jerusalem, and the northern mountains.

In the south, flash flooding is possible in areas in which it is common, with strong winds and unseasonable cold weather.

Weather forecast for each city can be viewed here.

The winter storm is expected to continue throughout Wednesday, and by Thursday, temperatures will rise slightly but will still be cold, with frost possible at night.