Cleared for publication
PA intelligence officer aided Tulkarem terror cell

Three-man cell was responsible for shooting attack which injured an IDF soldier.

Ari Soffer , | updated: 12:42 PM

Weapon used in shooting attack seized by Israeli forces
Weapon used in shooting attack seized by Israeli forces
Shin Bet

Israeli security forces have captured the terror cell responsible for a shooting attack last week which left an IDF soldier lightly wounded, it has been cleared for publication.

The three-man terror cell was based in Danaba, a suburb on the eastern outskirts of Tulkarem in Samaria. The arrest operation took place on Friday, and involved the IDF and Shin Bet internal security service.

The two members of the cell who conducted the shooting - which targeted IDF soldiers last Wednesday as they carried out an operation in Tulkarem - have been identified as:

  • Amar Anbatz, 27, who served time in an Israeli prison for terrorist activity in 2008
  • Samer A-Haq, 30

The third cell member was Ala'a Barkawi, a 32-year-old member of the Palestinian Authority intelligence services, who provided support to Anbatz and A-Haq by helping them to escape and hide their weaponry following the attack.

All three have been handed over to the Shin Bet for interrogation.

It is the second terror cell uncovered in Tulkarem in recent days. 

Last week it was announced that a Hezbollah cell based in the PA city had planned shooting attacks against Israelis. The cell was reportedly directed by Hezbollah chief Hassan Nasrallah's son, but was broken up by security forces before it was able to carry out attacks.