'Open a Door to Israel' exhibit opens in Rome

A new interactive exhibit to educate the world about Israeli society launched in Rome with Deputy Foreign Minister in attendance.

Yoni Kempsinki ,

Hotovely views new Israeli exhibit
Hotovely views new Israeli exhibit
Deputy Foreign Minister's spokesperson

A virtual exhibition sponsored by Israel's Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Ministry of Strategic Affairs opened in Rome over the weekend. 

The interactive exhibit is built around nine doors which tell the story of Israel. Each doors features a visual demonstration of different aspects of Israeli society, including education, culture, technology, diversity and more. 

The goal of the exhibit called, "Open a Door to Israel," is to educate people around the world about Israeli society and its citizens. 

The exhibit will also be shown in Poland, France, and will even reach Rio de Janeiro in Brazil in time for the 2016 Summer Olympics. 

Deputy Foreign Minister Tzipi Hotovely served as Israel's representative at the exhibit's opening; she was joined by the Italian education minister and 200 VIPs from across Italy. 

Stefania Giannini, Italy's Education Minister, was very impressed by the exhibit and told Hotovely that in her estimation many students would visit and get to know the real Israel from it. 

"I'm happy to be here to open the exhibit, 'Open a Door to Israel,'" Hotovely said. "This exhibit led by the Foreign Ministry presents Israel not only from the perspective of the conflict and the Middle East, but opens a door to the beautiful Israel of many shades."

"We are opening a door to the world and to all those who have not yet visited Israel to come and experience the real Israel," she added. "This is our answer to all the boycotters abusers - the recognition of Israel in all its aspects."