Leading atheist's Jerusalem home vandalized

Threatening letter and knife along with scrawled graffiti found outside Yaakov Malkin's home in the German Colony neighborhood.

Cynthia Blank , | updated: 10:48 AM

Vandalism in Jerusalem
Vandalism in Jerusalem
Police Spokesman's Unit

A private home in the German Colony neighborhood of Jerusalem was found vandalized with a Star of David and allusions to Old Testament verses on its door and wall Thursday morning. 

"Destruction of Amalek" was scrawled on the fence surrounding the house as was "Psalms 139: 21-22."

The full verses were not spray-painted as part of the graffiti, but the ones from Psalms read as follows: 

21: Do I not hate them, O Lord, that hate You? And do I not strive with those that rise up against You? 22: I hate them with utmost hatred; I count them as my enemies.

An envelope containing a threatening letter with Biblical passage numbers "Exodus 16:14-15" written on it was also left at the scene, along with a knife. 

Police arrived at the scene on Thursday and have begun an investigation into the circumstances of the incident, with a hate crime being examined as a possibility. 

Haaretz reported later the vandalism occurred at the home of Prof. Yaakov Malkin, the director of Tmura, the International Institute for Humanistic Secular Judaism, who is vocal about his atheism. 

Police Spokesman's Unit