Watch: Terrorist escapes Otniel murder scene

CCTV footage shows Arab who murdered Dafna Meir in front of her children fleeing the scene; hunt for the killer continues.

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Security forces near scene of attack in Otniel
Security forces near scene of attack in Otniel
Yonatan Sindel/Flash 90

Video footage has been released showing the terrorist who murdered Dafna Meir on Sunday night fleeing from the scene of the brutal attack.

The Arab terrorist broke into Meir's house in the Jewish town of Otniel near Hevron and savagely attacked her, stabbing her repeatedly.

Incredibly, the mother of six - who worked as a nurse - fought back, struggling valiantly with her attacker and eventually succeeding in closing the front door, thereby preventing him from reaching three of her young children who were at home at the time. Hearing their mother's screams the children ran upstairs to safety and hid.

The terrorist then fled on foot, sparking a massive manhunt which is still ongoing.

The shaky footage shows the attacker wading through undergrowth, apparently at the edge of or just outside the town, as he makes his escape.

It is unclear at this point how the terrorist managed to get into the town, which has a security fence and 24/7 security teams. Police are reportedly working under the assumption that he was a Palestinian worker legally employed in Otniel, who took advantage of his position to carry out the attack.

Dafna Meir was buried amid emotional scenes Monday morning, as government officials and security forces vowed to bring her killer to justice.