Intensive manhunt for Dafna Meir's killer goes on

Intensity of searches carried out by IDF, Police and ISA is on par with the search conducted for three kidnapped teens in 2014.

Uzi Baruch ,

IDF Chief of staff in the field near OTniel
IDF Chief of staff in the field near OTniel
IDF Spokesperson's Unit

Security forces including the IDF, Israeli Police and the Israel Security Agency (ISA) are continuing the manhunt for the terrorist who murdered Dafna Meir on Sunday at her home in Otniel. 

The operational assumption is that the terrorist escaped from Otniel immediately after committing the murder, and that he is hiding out in one of the Palestinian villages nearby in the area of Mount Hevron. 

The IDF is still investigating how the terrorist managed to penetrate the town without the military monitor that works 24/7 catching him. At the moment it seems likely the terrorist was a Palestinian worker who possessed proper documentation to enter the town. 

The IDF notified the Palestinian Authority that it intends to enter the villages that are within PA jurisdiction in order to conduct searches without the presence of PA security forces on hand. The intensity of the searches is expected to equal those that were conducted in the summer of 2014 following the kidnapping of three teenagers in Gush Etzion.  

Dafna's burial took place on Monday in the Jerusalem Har Menuchot cemetary in Givat Shaul. Dafna was a nurse in Soroka hospital in Be'er Sheva. She eaves behind her six children and her husband Natan.