Fight breaks out between Bibi and Bennett

The ongoing saga of Bennett versus the Foreign Ministry interferes with cabinet meeting.

Uzi Baruch ,

Bennett and Netanyahu
Bennett and Netanyahu
Flash 90

An argument broke out on Sunday morning between Education Minister Naftali Bennett and Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who is also acting as the Foreign Minister. The fight revolved around the Foreign Ministry's comments and attempt to boycott Bennett.  

Bennett attacked the Prime Minister over his hurry to distance himself from Bennett’s comment about "the DNA of those who work at the Foreign Ministry". Bennett asked the Prime Minister what he did about the workers' attempt to boycott him.

The Prime Minister simply claimed that he was unaware of the matter, but Bennett was not going to be shrugged off that easily. He responded to Netanyahu by saying: “My remarks that were made on a local radio station you heard about very quickly, but you didn't hear about this issue at all?”

Bennett went one step further and said that the issue is one of governability. “It is a governance issue. Are you in control of them or are they in control of you?” he asked the Prime Minister.

Minister of Immigrant Absorption and Jerusalem Affairs Zeev Elkin said that comments by both parties were out of line.”Naftali, your comment is out of line, and so are the actions of those in the Foreign Ministry.

"You cannot label the entire Ministry due to the comments of a former worker. Just like the statement of a teacher doesn’t reflect upon the entire Education Ministry. The committee however can suffice with a condemnation and does not need to progress to the level of boycotting a Minister.”