Jewish youths indicted for stone-throwing clash

Indictment filed against three Israelis who hit a European journalist's car during clash with Arab rioters.

Shlomo Piotrokovsky ,

Stone Throwing, (Illustrative)
Stone Throwing, (Illustrative)

Jerusalem’s District Attorney submitted an indictment on Sunday morning to the district court against three Israelis, one of whom is a resident of Beit El.

The three, one of whom is a minor aged 17, are accused of unruly behavior, assault on a car and endangering human life in a transportation lane.

According to the city attorney, the thee individuals took part in a disturbance of the peace which occurred in March 2014, in which residents of Beit El and residents of the Arab town of Jelazun threw stones at one another.

According to the letter of indictment, the three accused threw rocks at the car of a European Journalist who was travelling between the two villages in an attempt to cover the story. One of the rocks thrown hit the windshield of the car and smashed it.