Iran releases captured US navy sailors

Iranian media claims 10 sailors released by Revolutionary Guard; Pentagon yet to confirm.

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Ari Soffer , | updated: 1:49 PM

American warships (file)
American warships (file)
US Navy

Iran has released 10 American navy sailors it detained after they accidentally strayed into Iranian waters on Tuesday.

According to the official Tasnim News Agency, the nine men and one woman were released by the Revolutionary Guards, who initially captured them after a mechanical failure caused them to drift into Iranian territorial waters off the coast of the Farsi islands, which host a Revolutionary Guards base.

The Pentagon has since confirmed the reports, and says it has already launched an investigation into how the vessel ended up in Iranian waters. Iranian officials had previously said the sailors would be released some time Wednesday morning local-time.

In a statement aired on state television Wednesday, the Revolutionary Guards said that the sailors were released after it was determined they had entered Iranian waters "unintentionally," and after US "apologized" for the incident, as per Tehran's demands.

Meanwhile, photos have emerged for the first time showing the sailors in Iranian captivity, reportedly shortly before their release:

Updates to follow.