14 murdered in polio center bombing

Pakistani Muslims blow up vaccination center as part of terror campaign targeting 'sterilization conspiracy against Muslims.'

Arutz Sheva Staff ,

Polio vaccine (illustration)
Polio vaccine (illustration)
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No fewer than 14 people were murdered on Wednesday, in a bomb attack by Muslim terrorists on a polio vaccination center in Quetta, a city in southwest Pakistan.

Wednesday's explosion at the polio clinic took place in the morning, around the time workers report for duty before setting out to administer the vaccinations, according to minister Sarfaraz Bugti of the Balochistan province where it took place.

A large number of the casualties are thought to have been police guarding the polio center, reports BBC.

The armed guards are needed because many Muslims have been waging a terror campaign against the polio vaccine, claiming it is a "conspiracy" by the West to sterilize Muslim Pakistani children.

Polio is an epidemic that has been wiped out from the entire world thanks to the vaccine - except for in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the only two countries where it still exists due to the opposition by many Muslims to the "sterilization" shot.

The number of attacks on those working to end polio in Pakistan reportedly diminished in 2015, as compared to the previous year. In 2014 a considerably large number of lethal attacks took place.