Terror alert lifted in south as suspect arrested

Police had erected dozens of emergency checkpoints to intercept terrorist believed to be on her way to commit an attack.

Ari Soffer , | updated: 10:25 AM

Hamad Diana
Hamad Diana
Shin Bet

Israel Police have withdrawn a terror alert for southern Israel, after it was determined that the suspected terrorist did not manage to enter Israeli territory.

Earlier Monday morning, dozens of emergency checkpoints were erected in southern Israel, after the Shin Bet intelligence service put out an alert for a female Arab terrorist who they believed was on her way to commit an attack.

The checkpoints were put up from the Lachish area near the Hevron Hills through to Sderot, in locations including Ashdod, Ashkelon, the Gaza Belt Region and Sderot itself.

The suspect was identified as Hamad Diana, from the Palestinian Arab village of Kfar Sira.

However, shortly after police announced they had arrested a suspect who they believe was meant to transport the terrorist into Israeli-controlled territory.

Police confirmed the terrorist herself is still in Palestinian Authority-controlled areas, after her accomplice failed to carry out his role, having been intercepted by authorities.

The checkpoints have all been lifted, and traffic has returned to normal.